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Event Number One: Great Success

by Phil O'Kane on October 14th, 2010

Thank you to everyone who was in the Duke of York on Tuesday evening for our first of many monthly events. Hopefully you’ll all agree that it was particularly successful, a mix of engaging conversations relating to what we’re all sceptical of and individual areas of interest.

It certainly felt like the beginnings of something great, a great mix of people of varying ages, backgrounds and Skepticisms. Thanks also to the Queens Humanist Society for changing their venue for their weekly meeting.

On passing around a pen and paper we gathered a few ideas for future discussions:

  • Climate change
  • How people make decisions when faced with uncertainty (eg: Medical statistics, politicians, the Daily Mail.
  • Climate change (Linked with Atlantis)
  • Creationism and aliens
  • Alt medicine, misunderstanding the scientific method
  • Campbell-Steiner (schools)
  • Autism issues and general disabilities
  • Jan de Vries and prominent pushers of bullshit
  • The alleged quality of audio recordings (Vinyl-CD-MP3)
  • The fallacy of 1080p video on a small device
  • The fallacy of equality in education
  • Liberté, fraternité, egalité
  • Lack of understanding of logical fallacies
  • Refusal to accept evidence over anecdotes (Why anecdotes have such power)
  • Legal requirement for worship in state-sponsored schools
  • Accepted myths in psychology

Hopefully we’ll manage to cover these and a number of other topics at future events.

We’re in the process of deciding on a day for the next event as it sees that for many, a Tuesday doesn’t suit. Would a Saturday afternoon suit in the same venue?

Please leave comments with any suggestions you have. We will keep the format generally loose, with a quiz/game or two (Logical Fallacy Charades anyone?) as well as one or two topics to base the main discussion around.

Again, thanks for coming, we thoroughly enjoyed chatting and look forward to more!

belfast skeptics in the pub first meeting

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  1. Claire permalink

    Great meeting, and great list of ideas! It was definitely a good first night I think.

    I work Saturdays though, so it would be a pity to have to stop attending if that’s what time we change to :(

  2. Conor permalink

    Heya Claire! Damn, so Saturdays don’t work at all? I suppose we could change it up a little bit. Feedback from the event page of Facebook looks like Sundays don’t work either.

    We’ll find a way!


  3. @Conor: Why wouldn’t Sundays work? Surely people aren’t going to church…

    • Conor Pendergrast permalink

      Feedback on last event page was that Sundays wouldn’t be the best for some parents. You got me thinking – we could have a Sunday Skeptics School!

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