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QEDCon in Manchester – February 5th & 6th

by Conor Pendergrast on January 13th, 2011

This year’s first big sceptical conference is nearly upon us – QEDCon in Manchester. The convention is taking place on  the 5th and 6th February. Those of you who have not bought tickets yet should do so as soon as possible! There are both one- and two-day tickets available, from £59 for one day, £99 for two days and £75 for two days for students. The Question Explore Discover conference boasts great speakers such as Steven Novella and Eugenie Scott. Check out all the speakers here. There are diverse topics which should cater to all tastes from ghost hunters to the big bang. There will be a small group going over from Belfast Skeptics so if you would like to get in contact please do so or on Twitter.

You can find the website here and the timetable for the event here. As well as the event, there’s a mixer on Friday night in the hotel bar and a Gala dinner on Saturday night. Those without Gala dinner tickets can also come along to alternative dinner – check the Facebook event page here. Also, click ‘like’ on the QEDCon Facebook page and follow them on Twitter. Also, sign up here if you’re on Twitter, so we can see who’s going!

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