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Giant’s Causeway/Creationism Sparks Creativity: Limericks

by Phil O'Kane on September 27th, 2012

The debacle between the National Trust’s Giant’s Causeway Visitors’ Centre over the inclusion of a creationist exhibit has sparked some creativity in the form of limericks from those fighting to have it removed. Here’s a few of the best so far:

Of the Giants Causeway formation,
an audio exhibit does say,
though their minds are deluded,
some nutjobs concluded
that the debate continues today…


The debate of formation is over,
at our Giant’s Causeway,
although they are deluded,
the creationist has concluded,
to ignore evidence to contray…


Creationist understanding of science,
is really quite rudimentary.
Despite our groans,
They believe the Flintstones
is a documentary.


The National Trust have proven quite crazy,
Their understanding is very hazy,
Instead of just having fact,
They used a theory that’s cracked,
Will they sort it? NO, they’re too lazy.


The Caleb creationist Wallace
Does things that can’t fail to appal us.
The Causeway, he says,
Was made in six days,
Which we know is a load of old bollocks.

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