Belfast Skeptics in the Pub – Event Two: 6th November

So, our first event was last week and, in our eyes at least, it was a big success. We met some great people, Phil took a few cool photos and Alana whipped our her cryptozoology quiz – much to the delight of all attendees! We’ve learned from that experience, and as well as some of the suggestions that were made (add them in the comments if you have more feedback) we know that you want more structure and more definition. We’ll be taking specific topics and inviting people to speak on them, as a springboard for further discussion and debate. Organising those events will take a little time (Got something you’d like to speak about? Email us!) so until then, we’ve an excellent guest speaker lined up to talk to us.

David Meade, local mindreader extraordinaire, will be treating us to a very special talk and demonstration. In the talk, David will explain his path to becoming a professional mindreader. He will chart the path that led him to believe in psychic ability and the subsequent experiences that made him realise that it was an addictive and intoxicating scam.  He will read minds and recreate psychic phenomenon, while also revealing some of the techniques employed by fraudulent mediums (or is that media?). You can read a newspaper article about him here and watch him in action in the pilot to his forthcoming series on the BBC here.

Let us know if you’ll be there on the Facebook Event Page.

Date: Saturday 6th November

Time: 5.30pm Changed from the original 6pm

Location: Upstairs in McElhatton’s pub (otherwise known as The Front Page) on Union Street [map]. Don’t worry we’ll have signs, or just ask at the bar.

We’re excited about this — Hope to see you there.

10 Replies to “Belfast Skeptics in the Pub – Event Two: 6th November”

  1. I don’t really know what to make of mind reading, but all of those people seemed genuinely shocked and surprised by what he was able to do. I am curious now as to how he does it.

  2. It’d been so long since I’d been to The Front Page, that I didn’t realise. Though also didn’t realise it was connected to McElhatton’s which I just stumbled upon and thought I’d chance it.

    You certainly make a good point and I’ll add that.

  3. I’ve been to a lot of skeptic events having lived around the world for about twenty years – and this was the best one I’ve been to. Not too formal, really knew his stuff, and a genuinely nice guy too. Can’t wait to see who your next speaker is.

  4. is the same chap coming back at all? I wasn’t able to make it but gutted as a few friends were talking about it on facebook and i feel like i missed a great event

    1. In the short-term I’m not sure JT, but we may well have him back in the future. He has a show that will be going out on BBC in January 2011, which I’m sure we’ll plug away as it sounds amazing (and slightly terrifying).

      If we do invite him back, you’ll find out via Twitter, Facebook or right here, so subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed!

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