Denial is not just a river

A Minister for the Environment who denied climate change.

A Minister for Culture who wanted creationism promoted in the Ulster Museum.

Now? Well, now we have a Minister for Health who denies evolution. Well, that’s just super. As we said on Twitter:

Good thing evolution has nothing to do with medicine, viruses, genetic disease, science or anything else. No sireee no. Nothing to see here.


Some of our fellow Tweeters are very, very funny. Here’s Colm Ryan‘s illustration:

The Complete Theory of Evolution
Thanks to Colm Ryan


He also said:

His first duty will be to legislate against penicillin for evolving. #edwinthecreationist


Then there was Alun:

Could be a clever move. If he makes evolution illegal in NI, that’s MRSA wiped out, yes? 😉


And of course Chris, in a wonderful nod to the Life of Brian:

Apart from sanitation, medicine, education, irrigation, health, roads and freshwater what has science done for us?


Big props to Robin Ince for retweeting us 🙂

Just to see what his reaction might be and how the idea of denying evolution while being minister for a department that has a serious science backing might be reconciled, we sent him the following email:

Dear Minister Poots,

First of all may we congratulate you on your recent appointment as the Minister of the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety. After the news broke today it came to our attention that, according to your website, you are a “young earth creationist and an opponent of the theory of evolution”. Could you please elaborate on this point? We would not wish to misrepresent your position on this matter. We are also concerned about how it might be possible to reconcile responsibility for public health and public safety with the denial of a well-established, well-supported and widely-accepted scientific theory and the possible repercussions that this might have.

We look forward to hearing back from you to respond to our concerns.

Kind regards,

Conor, Alana and Phil

If you want to do the same, you can email him directly on either or They’re both publicly-available email addresses.