Belfast Skeptics in the Pub – Rebecca O’Neill

In March, we are lucky enough to be welcoming Rebecca O’Neill from the Dublin Skeptics in the Pub to speak at Belfast Skeptics in the Pub. Rebecca will be giving a talk entitled ‘Confessions of a Health Food Store Worker’. This talk will cover the three years that she spent working in a health food shop, the experiences she had there and how it turned her from a believer in to a skeptic.

You can find out more about the Dublin Skeptics in the Pub here!

If this is your first event, read our helpful ‘Being nice to newbies’ policy here – but don’t worry, you can just turn up and we won’t bite. If you’ve been to events before, we’d really appreciate some feedback.

The Eventbrite page is here, so register there please to give us an idea of the number of people who will turn up. The Facebook event page can be found here.

The event is taking place upstairs in the Club Room in the Parlour bar, out in the University Area of Belfast (map). It’ll take place on Thursday the 10th March from 19:30 sharp. There were a few people standing last time, so arrive early (7pm onwards) to make sure you get a seat!

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