Belfast Skeptics in the Pub – The AV Showdown

For our 6th event, we have something particularly special lined up. In the spirit of the referendum season, we’re delighted to announce that we will be hosting a debate an the Alternative Voting system. Speaker in favour of the referendum on AV, we’ll have Stephen Glenn, the Yes to Fairer Votes Campaign Manager. Speaking against the referendum will be Green Party MLA Brian Wilson. The host for this event is to be confirmed. Each speaker will first have a short time to speak on the topic of the vote, then questions will be posed from the audience to get a discussion going. The aim by the end of the debate is that people will have a clear idea of what AV is and is not and whether they think they should vote for it or not.

Facebook page is here and Eventbrite page is here.

As always, if this is your first event, read our helpful ‘Being nice to newbies’ policy on our website – but don’t worry, you can just turn up and we won’t bite. If you’ve been to events before, we’d really appreciate some feedback in the comments below.

The event is taking place upstairs in the Club Room in the Parlour bar, out in the University Area of Belfast (map). It’ll take place on Thursday the 21st April from 19:30 sharp. The air conditioning will be all fixed, good news! Do arrive early (7pm onwards) to make sure you get a seat!