Follow-Up to Colin Johnston’s talk

Thank you to everyone who came to our last talk, Colin Johnston from the Armagh Planetarium talking about UFOlogy. The talk was our most successful to date, with 35 people attending and several people standing. We're sorry that people were left standing, we genuinely didn't expect that many people to be at our third speaker! Next month we'll make sure to move the tables and chairs further in to the room, have some more chairs and also leaving more room for standing space at the back of the room. Colin mentioned a number of books and websites during his talk, which are included below. If you were there, we'd love to get some feedback from you. Don't forget to sign up to the newsletter, just on the right on this page. Do it now!

  • Cohen, Jack and Stewart, Ian, Evolving the Alien (NB: the paperback edition is called What does a Martian look like?), Ebury Press, 2002
  • Conway Morris, Simon, Life’s Solution, Cambridge University Press, 2003
  • Webb, Stephen, Where is everybody? Springer, 2002
  • Peebles, Curtis, Watch the skies! Berkley, 1995
  • Clarke, David and Roberts, Andy, Flying Saucerers, Alternative Albion, 2007
  • Clarke, David and Roberts, Andy, Out of the Shadows: UFOs, the Establishment and Official Cover Up, Piatkus Books, 2002

4 Replies to “Follow-Up to Colin Johnston’s talk”

  1. The talk was great, very informative and it was so gratifying to have every logical, rational explanation reinforced by someone who actually does know what he is talking about.

    True, the standing wasn’t quite so brilliant, especially as I stand all day at work, but it couldn’t be helped.

    Thanks for the links, v. helpful.

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