Nice to Newbies Policy

Inspired by the Skeptics in the Pub workshop at the QED Convention in Manchester (there will inevitably be a blog post about that, as it was brilliant), we’ve decided to adopt a policy to help first-time attendees of Belfast Skeptics in the Pub. This means we will hopefully help people feel more welcome to the first (and subsequent) events. If it’s your first time at a Belfast Skeptics’ event and you’re nervous about turning up on your own, then you should feel free to contact us, either by leaving a comment below, leaving a post on Facebook, Tweeting us, or emailing us. We’ll get back to you with the name of a person who will be there on the evening to chat to you and introduce you to other people. It’s not that we bite, it’s just that some people feel nervous about new groups.¬†We want to get as many new faces along to our skeptics in the pub events as possible, so if you have friends that you want to invite along, feel free.