February Update

Just a brief update to share some news for everyone. A few of us are away to QEDCon this weekend in Manchester – read about it here. Tickets aren’t on sale any more, but check back next week for more info. Or follow us on Twitter – @belfastskeptics. We’ll try and post updates from the convention. Our next event is Colin Johnston from the Armagh Planetarium talking about UFOs and IFOs in Belfast and Northern Ireland. That’ll be great – check here for more details (Facebook event page here). Also, we’ll have a newsletter going out next week – sign up here if you aren’t on our list yet. Finally, we’ll have a new series of posts by guest authors coming in the next week or two. They’ll cover a variety of topics, with the aim of acting as a springboard for debate.

Hope to see you at our next event,

Conor, Phil and Alana

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