World in shock as psychic turns out to be wrong

So last week I was watching Psychoville at one or two in the morning on BBC iPlayer. This happens a lot. I have the sleeping patterns of a bat and the TV consumption habits of a student. Personally, I blame rap music.

Anyway, when it ended I went to the Guardian’s website and saw, at the top, in the Breaking News ticker, a harrowing developing story on a mass grave in Texas containing the bodies of up to 40 women and children.

“What in the name of Christ is this about?” I thought. “Was this some cult or a lone mental?” As it turned out, it was just the sick ramblings of a psychic the police had to look into. There was no mass grave.

Now, I was going to write a real skeptics blog post on this, but I really don’t need to since the Discovery channel’s news website have completely nailed it already.

If you want to hear the psychic’s ‘side’ of this, the Houston Chronicle managed to track her down.

Now, this story made it to the Guardian, Reuters and the New York times. The FBI was involved in the search. This psychic should face a penalty. Wasting police resources and, as such, tax payer money on the fanciful imaginings of a disturbed person while also including a national body is wholly unacceptable.

I haven’t heard if this psychic is going to face any consequences for this, but I sincerely hope they are. I can’t imagine I’m the only person that would want penalties in place so these people have to think again.