Ken Ham on Tour in Belfast

Evangelical Australian young-Earth creationist, Ken Ham, is taking his tour around various churches in Northern Ireland next week. Ham, along with others, set up the Creation Science Foundation in Queensland, though this sounds like a bit of an oxymoron to me. He later founded the Creation Science Ministries, later renamed Answers in Genesis. The Christian ministry specialises in young Earth creationism and promotes the belief that the initial chapters in Genesis should be taken as literally true and historically accurate.

On his website Ken answers many of the tough questions such as ‘What really happened to the dinosaurs?‘ and ‘was there really a Noah’s Ark and Flood?’. He refers to the idea of “millions of years” as a “disease”, answers the age-old question ‘why did God create us’, ‘why we don’t all have the same skin colour?’ And many others. He also includes many pictures and charts to aid his “scientific*” explanations. *Bible

noah's ark

It is through Ken’s Answers in Genesis that he is touring his conferences.

August 11th: Martyrs Memorial Free Presbyterian Church, Belfast.
8-9pm ‘The Relevance of Genesis in Today’s Culture’

August 12th: Newtownbreda Baptist Church, Belfast.
11am-12noon ‘The Relevance of Genesis in Today’s Culture’

August 12th: Ballygowan Free Presbyterian Church, Ballygowan, Co.Down.
7-8pm ‘Six Days and the Authority of Scripture’

August 13th: Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle, Belfast.
8-9pm ‘Death, Suffering, and a Loving God’

If anyone would like to join us to any of the talks leave a comment below.
We will be attending the Talks on Sunday 12th and Monday 13th.

We attended the event on Saturday night at the Martyrs Memorial Free Presbyterian Church. It was certainly an experience. Full write-up to come on the blog.

8 Replies to “Ken Ham on Tour in Belfast”

  1. I bet it was an experience…what a shame so many people have given up thinking for themselves and turned to follow what this person passes off as science. I never fail to be amazed at the way they say that the bible has changed their lives, obviously most of them haven’t read it and simply regurgatate what the various magalomaniacal shamen cherry-pick. After all how many of these people realise what the bible says regarding rape slavery and mysoginy. It is depressingly sad that in the 21st century there are still people who chose to follow such a book..whilst at the same time ridiculing other beliefs as “unbelievable”. I bet you needed a shower after his “presentation” to wash off the stupid!.

  2. What about all the eye witness testimonys that seen Jesus when he was risen? Also the Bible talks about the earth being circular way before science did not to mention prophecys about Jesus in advance comming to pass and even Jesus made prophecys that in fact did happen. Whats so wrong with believeing the bible if I’m right and the Bible is true I have eternal life if I’m wrong and your right and nothing happens when you die who can care? But if your wrong on the other hand. only hell awaits You. whats to lose?

  3. @yourconundrum – the historicty of Jesus isn’t as clear cut as you’d like to imagine – nothing was written down till generations later, and historical reference to christ outside the bible is scant and dubious.
    Even if the bible makes generalised references to scientific truths, there is a greater argument for the other abrahamic faiths in terms of contribution to scientific knowledge – but even taking that in to account, we have moved on from the basic reasoning of 2000 year old peasants and this has no bearing on the accuracy or truth of the bible.

    The tendentious way the new testament is written means that it is no surprise that the reader would see prophecy as being fulfilled – thats what they intended!

    Your final point is often referred to as Pascals wager, and can easily be turned round on you – what if you have chosen the wrong god and end up in the hell of another religion? Obviously as an atheist I don’t believe in any god – but the problem with Pascals wager is that we don’t choose to believe. Belief in the supernatural can’t be based on evidence so that leaves you with faith – which as Mark Twain said is “believing what you know ain’t so”.

    1. Psalms 22 dead sea scrolls outdate the common Hebrew text by about 1000 years there’s a prophecy about Jesus crucifixion in there. Jesus loves you. I hope you will change your mind about Jesus and yes it takes faith but so does the big bang theory how does nothing explode and even if there where space dust or something like that where did that come from?

  4. Compare the Babylonian Epic of Atrahasis with the Old Testament Flood myth…and the dates….1700BCE for Atrahasis and a mere 950 BCE for the newer Noah myth… as for “accurate”eyewitness accounts/reports of the death/ressurection of jesus…take another look at your bible and be amazed..

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