David Meade — Just Hanging Around?

David Meade pulled off an incredible stunt in Victoria Square Shopping Centre this morning. He wowed passers-by as he levitated 20metres/65ft off the ground. Or did he?

David says it’s an old religious hoax which originated 200 years ago in Egypt, created by fake faith healers in order to help them flog their wares. He wants people thinking and asking questions.
So what do you think is going on?

david meade levitation victoria square

david meade levitation victoria square

4 Replies to “David Meade — Just Hanging Around?”

  1. The way his coat is bunched up behind his head I reckon there’s some wire-magic going on there – probably not vertical but horizontal, which is why he’s touching the wall.

  2. Well when they put the bracket he’s hanging from, into the post it, appears that they may not have blended the pointing of the two bricks in the pillar too well. As you may notice in the top picture. Bricks 3 and 7, on the outside of the pillar, the pointing is a slightly different colour, brick 3 isn’t quite straight and the finish on the pointing is also different. My six year old was doing a spot the difference yesterday. Must get him to check out the bricks too.

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