Equal Marriage NI Committee Elected

Last night, Wednesday 5th September, a public meeting was held in order to elect the Equal Marriage NI Committee who will head the campaign for the fight for equal marriage in Northern Ireland. While much heated discussion has taken place online in regards the running of the election and the committee, the night went ahead successfully and votes were cast and counted.

The following positions were elected:

John O’Doherty - Chairperson

Mark Brown - Vice Chairperson
Malachai O’Hara - Vice Chairperson
Nicholas Young - Campaigns Officer
Gavin Boyd - Communications Officer
Cara McCann - Treasurer
Matthew McDermott - Secretary
Pádraig Ó Tuama - Faith Representative
Ciaran Moynagh - Non Executive Officer
Adam Murray - Non Executive Officer

A full breakdown of the election results can be found on Gyronny.com.

Now the hard work begins as the campaign works towards securing full equality of marriage.
You can follow the campaign on Twitter and Facebook.

3 Replies to “Equal Marriage NI Committee Elected”

  1. Attacking and debasing the institution of Marriage in NI is Racist, Anti-White, and extremely dangerous to our people. The future of the indigenous Celtic people of this island depends upon reproduction of our gene pool & raising our young in stable, nurturing family units so that our people and our future can continue to develop and grow to our fullest potential. There simply cannot be ‘EQUALITY’ between Male/Female marriage and Gay marriage because Gay marriage cannot produce children. It is a harmful and dangerous idea which is not needed and, in the end, will do more to harm to the gay community than to help it. Gay marriage, if legalized, will institutionalize the acceptance of our extinction as a people.

    The institution of Marriage safeguards and codifies into Culture the value and necessity of fertility, as well as the value of monogamous stable family units as the norm in Irish Society for raising our young. For all its problems, monogamous commitment between man and woman encourages stable prolonged nurturing of the young which results in advancing the evolutionary development of our race. In fact, the success of the White European race in general; high intelligence , high cognitive ability, extremely advanced creative/ problem solving ability is due to White Europeans adopting stable monogamous family units as an evolutionary strategy for survival. For our European ancestors to survive in a harsh and dangerous ice age environment where food was seasonal and often scarce we had to get smarter. By extended nurturing and caring of our young we got smarter and survived. We could only do this by adopting monogamy with Father/ Mother commitment to nurturing of the young as reproductive strategy. This is exactly where the Institution of Marriage came from. Codifying monogamous heterosexual relationships as the norm makes us able to survive and evolve as a race. It cannot be understated the simply enormous contribution White Europeans have made to humanity as a whole. Giant advances in higher learning, in philosophical understanding, in civilized ways of living (Civilization), in scientific knowledge, enabled the phenomenal technological development of the world we see today.
    Just like any other species, sub-species, race and ethnicity, it is essential for a folk to reproduce itself or it will die. Enabling high fertility of our Irish people, as well as limiting immigration & racial assimilation has to be paramount for our race/ethnicity to survive. This is a fundamental human right for any folk to preserve it’s traditional homeland, it’s unique folk culture and it’s future.

    Same sex marriage, multiculturalism, faux feminism, faux sexual equality, faux racial equality are all trends and ideas created and promoted by Jewish intellectual movements (Cultural Marxism). All of these Jewish schools of thought have contributed greatly to the decreasing fertility rate of Whites and the ‘browning’ out of traditional White societies. It is Genocide by stealth and it is deliberately conspired by Jewry who want to see the White race extinct itself-which we are fast on our way of doing. The Mass Media (which is entirely owned by Jewry) relentlessly churn our this suicidal Cultural Marxist propaganda in television, movies, magazines, radio, entertainment, internet etc. duping White societies to adopt ideas, values and behaviour that are dangerous and suicidal to our people.
    I would remind every gay and lesbian in N.Ireland that they only exist as intelligent life on earth because of the natural heterosexual activity of generations upon generations of their great Celtic ancestors who struggled hard and achieved so much. The Gay and lesbian community of N.Ireland do not need same sex marriage codified into law. This will signify an extremely dangerous shift in Cultural norm that benefits no one except an enemy that would like to see us choose our own execution.
    By pushing for this radical shift in Irish cultural norm, the gay and lesbian community is allying it’s self with malicious anti-White forces who want us ‘browned out’ by assimilation, family-less, childless, future-less and clueless. There can be no ‘equality’ in a rapidly shrinking White minority population between child producing relationships and non child producing relationships. This concept of ‘equality’ between heterosexual and same sex marriage is induced ‘politically correct’ delusional rubbish. There is no need for it, and it benefits no one except our enemies. It is suicidal for our culture and our folk.

    No species of life on this planet chooses non reproduction as a desired goal. Every species and sub species of life fights to reproduce. This is natural law. Sexual reproduction is the essential mechanism of evolution. Just as in all nature, fertility is essential for the great White Celtic people to survive as a unique and special ethnicity of humanity. Any attempt to genocide us by stealth will be viewed as vile anti-White treachery. The gay and lesbian community pushing for same sex marriage needs to decide if it is for White/Celtic genocide, or for White/Celtic survival. Whoever lobbies for this change in law will be classed as pro-Jew traitors and enemy’s of the Celtic peoples.

  2. My message to Peter Agnew, the Greens, and Anti Family Bigots at equalmarriageni

    I think you are all clueless deluded Cultural Marxist anti-White bigots. By pushing for unnecessary gay marriage legislation, the Green Party has declared war on the decent Ulster folk who, until now, have been open, tolerant, and supportive of the demands of the gay community. This proposed legislation has nothing to do with ‘equality’ and everything to do with a Jewish Marxist assault on the confidence, self esteem, and fertility rates of the Folk who have inhabited this island for thousands of years.

    If Marriage, the cornerstone of White Western Civilization, is subverted by the greens and the gay community, then together with low fertility, and the enforced acceptance of racist anti-White multiculturalism, White genocide by stealth is an inevitable conclusion.

    You all should be thoroughly ashamed of your ignorance concerning the VERY REAL anti-White racist war taking place. ‘Equality’ ‘diversity’ ‘anti-Racism’ are all code for ANTI-WHITE. You have all been duped by Jewish Cultural Marxist Racist propaganda. Not one of you sheeple has the intelligence nor the courage to think independently of the current Marxist Anti-White PC Propaganda fashionable in your ignorant elitist circles.

    You are a disgrace to the people of N. Ireland who, up until now, have tolerated your PC stupidity. You are a shameful excuse to our White Celtic ancestors who struggled against all odds to achieve fertility and put us here today. You will be remembered as such, and, most importantly, YOU WILL FAIL. Truth and common sense will prevail. We will not allow the genocide of our folk and culture. We will pro-create our genes and our civilization. We will take this island back from the Bankers, the Cultural Marxists, and the Traitors!

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