Happy Pride

The Belfast Pride Parade takes place today!

The parade happens for a number of reason, many of which are listed in the guest posts featured on the blog this week. I can barely choose one or two to single out, though I will say that pride is about visibility. About showing that LGBT people are all around and not to be ignored, but accepted as people who should never be discriminated against. And whilst it is not illegal to be gay in this part of the world, homophobia is still a large problem. We also parade for those people in other parts of the world who can not be open about their sexuality, and who face punishment for being who they are: imprisonment and even death, whether legal or not.

So come out. Celebrate and demonstrate. Wear bright colours. Be happy. Be gay. Or straight.


Pride Breakfast
Northern Whig 10am
Just around the corner from the parade starting point, there will be food and early morning fun!

The Parade
Begins at 12noon from Custom House Square.
The Belfast Pride parade is the largest cross community carnival parade in Belfast and definitely one of the most talked about. The starting point for the parade is Custom House Square. The community, family & retail area at the Lagan Lookout will be open from 11am with the parade starting off at 12 noon SHARP!

A group of gay (and gay friendly) Christians, under the banner of Faith and Pride, will be supporting the parade along its route. They will be gathered outside St Georges Church, High Street from 10.30am.

Party in the Square
Custom House Square opens at 11am.
Have a drink, mingle, eat, and have fun.
Music and entertainment on stage.

Families in the Square
Beside the Lagan Lookout/Big Fish there will be a quieter alcohol-free area for families/kids and generally chilling out. Also this is where you can get all the info on the community and political groups who do stuff to help improve the rights and general equality of all people, including those who are in the LGBT community.
There will also be wifi hotspots and electrical goods charging points!

Bottom line: Have fun and don’t be a dick.