Caleb Press Officer to Speak at NI Humanists Event — 13th September

Tomorrow, Thursday 13th September, David McConaghie, Press Officer of the Caleb Foundation is to speak at the Humanist Association of Northern Ireland event on the ‘Origins of the Giant’s Causeway’. This will certainly be an interesting evening and attendance is likely to be high.

David McConaghie said in a piece in the Newsletter in July:

The inclusion in the new centre of an acknowledgement of an alternative explanation of its origins, and of the continuing debate about it, is an encouraging step. We’ve had collective hysteria from those who would conceal evidence, suppress facts, withhold data, obstruct enquiry and stifle debate – but that was expected.

Where once the only view on display was of an old earth, there is now reference to another perspective. The availability of more information will promote healthy, informed debate – surely that is a good thing.

While it is good to see the Caleb Foundation encourage public and open debate about what they do and what they want, it is unfortunate that it has come to this despite requests and promises from the National Trust regarding the inclusion of the “alternative” view at the Giant’s Causeway exhibition, an official response has yet to be received following their supposed review. While McConaghie says “surely [the debate] is a good thing”, our answer is: No. It is not a good thing. There is no debate.

This talk, and the Q&A (unless they forbid questioning their ideas) will likely be “interesting” and no doubt full of the same nonsense about God, taking certain parts of the Old Testament literally and failing to understand scientific research in an area which is no longer considered up for debate within the scientific community.

We will be in attendance on the evening.

What: David McConaghie, Caleb Foundation Press Officer — ‘Origins of the Giant’s Causeway’
Where: Malone Lodge, 60 Eglantine Avenue, Belfast
When: 8pm

One Reply to “Caleb Press Officer to Speak at NI Humanists Event — 13th September”

  1. I think that inviting the Caleb Foundation to speak only enhances their legitmacy. Some members of Humani, (I am a member), may relish a merry evening to boo and hiss and perhaps fling a rotten tomato or two, but like with the Causway mess, David McConaghie will milk this meeting for all that it is worth. There is nothing to debate and most of us have had to go through years of being preached to, so why he has been invited, I find hard to understand. We should be working to promote secular humanism, not fashoning a soapbox for the benefit of these muppets. As Richard Dawkins said, “That would look great on your CV, not so good on mine”

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