February Event :: Brian McClinton

On Thursday 16th February, Belfast Skeptics in the Pub will present Brian McClinton, retired school teacher, author of ‘The Shakespeare Conspiracies’ and ‘Ulster’s Third Way’, a director of the Humanist Association of Northern Ireland, and editor of the all-Ireland magazine ‘Humanism Ireland’. He will argue that scepticism is not enough. Humanism goes beyond scepticism to place a trust (faith?) in humanity and that we can create a better world based on humane principles: “Remember your humanity and forget the rest”.

As always, this event is open to everyone and anyone and is completely free.
As with all Skeptics in the Pub events, come along, have a drink, listen to the speaker, and feel free to stick around afterwards for a chat and another pint!

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Date: Thursday, 16th February

Time: 7.30pm sharp

Location: The Parlour Club Room (up the stairs and around to the left),
2-4 Elmwood Avenue, Belfast, BT9 6AY [map].