Ériu is our queen?

A message The message ‘Éiru is our Queen‘ appeared on the hills above West Belfast today in relation to the “Royal Fistbump” / handshake of reconciliation between Martin McGuinness and the Queen.

Éiru is the personification of Ireland and goddess of sovereignty.

With her sisters, Banba and Fódla, she was part of an important triumvirate of goddesses. When the Milesians arrived from Galicia each of the three sisters asked that her name be given to the country. This was granted to them, although Ériu (Éire) became the chief name in use (Banba and Fódla are still sometimes used as poetic names for Ireland, much as Albion is for Great Britain).

Curiously, though identified as children of Adam, the sisters are according to the Lebor Gabála “older than Noe… on a peak of a mountain was [Banba] in the Flood.” The only two other people which are said to be this old and to have survived the flood are Tuan mac Carill and Fintan mac Bóchra.

It’s interesting how myths are still used today, even in the political spectrum.

ériu is our queen - image by Phil O'Kane

ériu is our queen - image by Phil O'Kane

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