Larry Pratt wants to “Loosen” Gun Laws

larry prattWhile the obvious, and most logical, response to the shooting in Colorado yesterday would be to tighten gun laws in America, Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America and a member of the National Rifle Association, said last night on the Stephen Nolan show on Radio5 Live that the laws should in fact be “loosened”.

“It’s very sad that there was a ‘no guns’ policy in that theatre, and that nobody had thought to take a gun with them anyway.

“[The] clear take-away message from what happened is don’t go into gun free zones unless you’re willing to break the law.”

“Self-defence is incidental; the real reason we have guns in America is to keep them trained on the government…” “…That’s the way we have been maintaining our political freedom all along…”

“The idea that you tell people they’ve got to go into a public place without a firearm is setting them up for this kind of disaster. Most of our mass murders have occurred precisely where the criminal knew that he would find unarmed victims and by and large he has been right”

As the guest on the Stephen Nolan show pointed out: “The second amendment declares the right to bare arms but not to have bullets.”

In my mind this seems absolutely ridiculous. If more people have guns the more danger other people are to each other. If no one has a gun the danger of such a massacre is surely dramatically reduced. Gun Owners of America has reiterated this point on their website.

“It isn’t just “criminals” who we have to stop from getting guns.” — Ray Hanania

Roger Ebert puts it eloquently in a post titled ‘The Body Count

You know what? The hell with it. I’m tired of repeating the obvious. I know with a dread certainty that I will change nobody’s mind. I will hear conspiracy theories from those who fear the government, I will hear about the need to raise a militia, and I will hear nothing about how 9,484 corpses in a year has helped anything. That is a high price to pay. What depresses me is that half of my fellow countrymen are prepared to pay it.