“Psychics” take advantage of vulnerable people on national TV

Con artists are everywhere, waiting for the next gullible, and in many cases vulnerable, victim. It shouldn’t be so easy to broadcast such nonsense, but as production company, ESO.TV, recently found out, it is. Their show, Psychic Readings Live, has been airing for the last week on national Irish TV channel TV3, yet clearly no one thought to clarify the authenticity of what they were peddling. Simply call the show to speak with Physic Wayne [Isaacs], at a rate of €2.44/min, and either wait to speak with Psychic Wayne, or connect to one of the specialised psychics.

An investigation carried out by Alan Rice has shown that many of the images used for each of the other “psychics” on the show have in fact been taken from across the web: stock image databases, personal blogs, personal flickr feeds, and Facebook amongst others.

In it’s terms & conditions EOS.tv state:

The psychic services will be provided personally by the psychics and not by the Producer or the Broadcaster. Neither the Producer nor the Broadcaster have any knowledge or psychic ability. The psychic services are for entertainment purposes only. The responsibility of the Broadcaster is to broadcast the Show and the responsibility of the Producer is to produce the show and its services, including enabling the telephone connection between the Callers and the psychics. Neither the Producer nor the Broadcaster or any of their employees, officers, directors or shareholders are and shall be responsible in any manner whatsoever to any act and/or omission of any psychic, including any words, sayings, suggestions, offers etc. of the psychics, and the Caller waives all demands against the Broadcaster and/or the Producer in connection thereto. All responsibility to any such acts and/or omissions shall be borne only by the psychics personally.

The words “The psychic services are for entertainment purposes only” should be clearly stated at the bottom of the screen in large letters, otherwise it is simply the production company execs who are being entertained.

This show is simply taking advantage of vulnerable people, behaving like they have answers, while instead spouting nonsense. And while TheJournal.ie reports TV3’s as saying in response:

The infomercial is produced by an independent 3rd party (ESO.TV) and promotes a service which is licensed by Comreg. The infomercial also meets all premium phone-line and broadcasting regulations. The content is commercial and not a TV3 programme or TV3 content.

This show will still be aired tonight.

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  1. It’s no surprise that these charlatans thrive during a recession. When people are desperate they will turn to anything, even if their rational mind tells them that psychics are frauds. I bet Wayne is generally telling people that everything will be okay; it certainly will be for Wayne’s bank account.

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