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Websites/ Blogs

  • Talk Origins – A Usenet group exploring evolution, which includes detailed essays on specific topics in their archives.
  • Snopes – A brilliant resource that investigates hundreds of urban myths.
  • UK Skeptics – A UK-based website, with blogs and fora.
  • What Do I Do Next? 105 ways to promote skeptical activism.
  • Grassroots Skeptics – Tools, info & strategies, to help connect with individuals & activists locally and globally.
  • Bad Science – Articles by Ben Goldacre, the medical doctor turned angry-guy-who-talks-about-research-methods-and-other-nerdy-but-really-important-aspects-of-medicine-and-science.


  • Point of Inquiry (Website, iTunes) – Point of Inquiry is the official podcast of the Centre for Inquiry – the organisation set up by pioneering humanist Paul Kurtz. Originally presented by DJ Grothe who is now the head of the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) the show now has 3 presenters – Chris Mooney, Bob Price and Karen Stollznow. If you are interested in Religion Bob Price is certainly someone you may wish to look in to. *
  • Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe (Website, iTunes) – Probably the best known sceptical podcast – has been on the air since 2005 and is the Podcast of the New England Sceptical Society. Fronted by Steve Novella, a clinical neurologist from Yale and also features Rebecca Watson of Skepchick fame. Worth checking out some of the earlier episodes for Perry DeAngelis who sadly died in 2007 and was a big influence on the show. *
  • Skeptoid (Website, iTunes, XML) – On the air since 2006, Skeptoid is a short (usually around 10 min) podcast that deals with individual issues on each show. Brian Dunning is the host and has also released transcripts of some of the shows in book form. Particularly worth checking out are a couple of the earlier episodes “A magical journey through the world of logical fallacies”  parts 1 and 2. Brian also does a video podcast called “In Fact” and has produced a 40 minute video on critical thinking called “Here Be Dragons” *
  • Skeptics with a K (Website, iTunes, RSS) – A podcast by the Merseyside Skeptics Society which is funny, rude and topical all at the same time. It’s been on the air for just over a year but has already made a name for itself in the wider sceptical community, primarily for their involvement in the 10:23 campaign – which saw hundreds of sceptics around the world take an “overdose” of homeopathic sleeping tablets, and obviously survived to tell the tale. Mike, Marsh and Colin have been very pro-active in the UK sceptic community and their enthusiasm is palpable in this podcast. *
  • Inkredulous (Website, iTunes, RSS) – Another podcast by the Merseyside Skeptics Society, this time a panel-based skeptics gameshow, featuring guests from around the world and closer to home with hilarious results. Presented by Andy Wilson, it is probably the only sceptical comedy panel game show on the web and attracts some interesting guests from other podcasts such as Brian Dunning, George Hrab etc. Worth a listen. *
  • Skeprechauns (Skeptics Ireland; Website, iTunes, RSS) – A very nice Irish-based podcast, with both regular and guest hosts. We also like them ’cause they have a deadly logo (and ’cause Irish Skeptics in the Pub inspired us to do this!)
  • Righteous Indignation (Website, iTunes, RSS) – Righteous Indignation is another podcast featuring Michael Marshall of the Merseyside Skeptics Society. Also featuring Hayley Stephens and Trystan Swale. Their aim is to “critically examine extraordinary claims and the people that surround them”. Their friendly style of interview means that they have been able to get various woo merchants on to the show, and by allowing them to speak, reveal the idiocy of some of their claims. A notable recent episode featured 15 year old sceptic Rhys Morgan who has crohns disease and has spoken out against “snake oil” salesman Jim Humble who sells something called “Miracle Mineral Solution” which is basically just bleach. *
  • Just Skeptics (Website, iTunes) – Just Skeptics is the podcast of the Greater Manchester Skeptics Society – a fairly new addition to iTunes but worth a listen. The Greater Manchester Skeptics along with the Merseyside Skeptics Society organised the QED conference that took place in Manchester in February 2011. Conor also appeared on episode 17 of Just Skeptics, with a love letter to QEDCon.*
  • Little Atoms (Website, iTunes) – Little Atoms is the official podcast of  ‘The Skeptic’ magazine, and is also broadcast on London’s alternative radio station Resonance 104.4 FM every Friday from 19:00. Presenters include Neil Denny, Padraig Reidy, Richard Sanderson and Rebecca Watson from SGU and Skepchick. Intelligent and challenging discussion based around the ideas of the enlightenment. *
  • Skepticality (Website, iTunes, RSS) – First produced in 2005 – Skepticality was the first sceptical podcast out there, and was even mentioned by Steve Jobs in his key note speech on the release of i-tunes music store. It’s future looked uncertain early on when co-host Derek Colanduno took a stroke but they have gone from strength to strength with main presenter Robynn McCarthy (Swoopy) taking the lead in most of the interviews. Skepticality is the official podcast of the American version of Skeptic magazine. *
  • For Good Reason (Website, iTunes, RSS) – On moving to become the head of the JREF DJ Grothe started his new podcast “For Good Reason”. Similar in style to “Point of Inquiry” which he originally presented, DJ is an intelligent and engaging interviewer who manages to get the best from his subjects and makes even the most difficult subjects fathomable.
  • The Skeptic Zone (Website, iTunes, RSS) – The Skeptic Zone is an Australian podcast headed up by Richard Saunders and Rachel Dunlop. Great fun podcast to listen to which usually ends up with the think tank where they discuss the latest sceptical news in a pub or Chinese restaurant. Notable most recently for their battles with Meryl Dorey of the Australian Vaccination Network. Cheesy intro music as well. *

Other Skeptics in the Pub

Publications: Books/ Magazines/Articles

  • What Is This Thing Called Science (Chalmers, 1999)
  • Skept Digest – Archive of articles.
  • Bad Science (Goldacre, 2008). The aforementioned Ben Goldacre wrote this excellent book, criticising what can end up being very poor quality reporting of science and medicine. He also examines several quack concepts, picking them apart and exposing the nitty gritty details. There’s even a forum for submitting corrections!

Twitter Feeds


Music? What? For skeptics? Yup. Why? ‘Cause music is a rich and vital part of cultural life. And it’s fun.

  • Symphony for Science – A musical project headed by John Boswell, designed to deliver scientific knowledge and philosophy in musical form.
  • Tim Minchin – Including such gems as ‘The Pope Song‘ (Link; NSFW) and ‘If You Open Your Mind Too Much Your Brain Will Fall Out (Take My Wife)‘ (Link), Tim Minchin is talented, creative and hilarious. Watch his YouTube channel immediately. But it’s Not Safe For Work. At all. Oh and ‘Storm‘. Which is a 9 minute beat poem about a dinner party that goes, well, you’ll have to listen to it yourself. It has also been made into a movie.
  • They Might Be GiantsHere Comes Science. This educational and catchy album is a great example of how to combine science and songs. Just try and not get addicted to the hook in ‘Why Does the Sun Shine?’ (Which is swiftly followed by ‘Why Does The Sun Really Shine?’ – a correction of the former song!).
  • George Hrab – George is a musician and podcaster, with 6 albums in total and a very very successful podcast. With songs like ‘God Is Not Great’ (video) and ‘Everything Alive Will Die Someday’ (video), Hrab is very talented and writes song that range from touching and poignant to wonderfully funny.
  • Tom Lehrer – A satirical songwriter, singer and pianist (and mathematician originally!), Lehrer has written songs such as ‘Poisoning Pigeons in the Park’ (video) and the element song, which you’ve probably already heard! (video).
  • Roy Zimmerman – Zimmerman (YouTube channel) has been writing satirical songs for over 20 twenty years, targeting topics like creationism (video), war and Proposition 8. He’s like a modern, country-blues version of Tom Lehrer!

Documentaries/ TV Show

  • Religulous – Religulous is Bill Maher’s comedy-based documentary looking at religion. It’s funny, irreverent and hard-hitting. The best part of it? You can watch it on Google Videos here for free!
  • The Genius of Charles Darwin
  • Here Be Dragons – The Movie – A free 40 minute long introduction to critical thinking. It’s written and presented by Brian Dunning, host and producer of the Skeptoid podcast, author of Skeptoid: Critical Analysis of Pop Phenomena, and Executive Producer of The Skeptologists. This is the perfect place to start if you don’t understand what critical thinking and skepticism is.

* Information on podcasts marked with an asterisk were provided, very kindly, by Dave Powell.

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