Irish number plates to be changed to avoid “unlucky 13”

A proposal to alter the car registration system in Ireland for 2013 has been brought to government in order to avoid the "unlucky 13" superstition.

Michael Healy-Rae, South Kerry Independent TD, is getting his pitch in early. He told

“There’s people now who, we’ll say, always change their cars every two, three or four years. Take you, for instance — you might be one of these men who change their car every three years, and 2013 is your year to change. People like you are after going to the garages and saying they’ll wait until the next year before replacing their cars, simply because they did not want to drive cars carrying a number which is often thought to be unlucky.

Healy-Rae states that it is not his own way of thinking, but feels that this will ensure people will buy cars in 2013 who would otherwise have not done so due to this superstition.

In Ireland, the first two digits of the registration plate represent the last two digits of the year. Alan Nolan from the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) has said that the proposed change is not only due to superstition, but that adding a further digit; 131 between January and June and 132 from July to Dec; will give a more accurate idea of the age of a car.

At the end of the day, this silly notion that people have based on an ancient superstition (triskaidekaphobia) which holds no merit in modern society, and only enforces nonsensical beliefs rather than promoting critical thought.

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